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Celebrating the Holidays in Indianapolis


Circle of Lights Downtown Indianapolis

I remember the first time I saw Soldiers and Sailors Monument lighted at Christmas in downtown Indianapolis. The ten year old child never forgot the beauty of seeing so many lights on what is dubbed by some, as the worlds tallest Christmas tree. For that little girl, it was a mesmerizing sight.

It’s still amazing to visit Monument Circle during the holidays, partly to enjoy the beauty and partly to satisfy the memories of a little girl. Walking around the Circle, people stop every few minutes to admire the monument all dressed up for the holidays. It’s magical!

While the memories of yesteryear are firmly planted in my mind, it’s more exciting for me as an adult. When I was a child, the only time we went downtown was to see the Monument at Christmas or to buy shoes at Stouts when school started.

Today, downtown Indianapolis is a vibrant, active city! 

I find myself drawn to downtown this time of year. It’s an atmosphere that requires more than a quick trip around the circle. The lampposts are decorated, the mall is buzzing, the Indianapolis Zoo at White River State Park is embellished with hundreds of thousands lights. It’s worth putting on my winter gear to brave the cold and enjoy the wonder of it all.

Another favorite activity of mine is to drive or walk through the Historic Homes neighborhoods during the Holidays. When my family would make the trip downtown, we headed south on Meridian from 56th St. I would be the one seated by the window, so I could see all the big beautiful homes, so elegantly decorated. 

I didn’t know then, it was the architecture of these homes that captivated me and still does today! A leisurely drive down the cobblestone streets of Lockerbie Square or a tour of Benjamin Harrison’s home in the Old Northside still brings a sense of wonder and excitement. 

Today, I enjoy these activities with my children and grandchildren. They, in turn, will have their own memories and favorites to celebrate during the holidays and carry it forward to the next generation. Maybe, they’ll develop a love of the historical beauty of our city their Mimi so enjoys.

Help! My Home Didn't Sell - Part 3 - Competition


Whether you’re the competitive type or not, competition plays a huge role in the sale of a home. I’m not sure why, but it seems when one person puts their home on the market in a neighborhood, a few more do the same. In some areas around Indianapolis, there are simply, too many homes available.

There’s usually some distinguishing factors why a buyer will ultimately choose one home over another.

Evaluating what other homes in the market offer compared to your home is the first place to start. There are the obvious differences:

  • Square Footage
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Location Within the Neighborhood
  • Garage Size
  • Single Level or Two Story
  • Price

There’s also the differences in amenities which can make a home more attractive to buyers in the market.

  • Landscaping
  • Flooring
  • Appliances
  • Upgrades
  • Floorplan

The two most difficult sources of competition in the real estate market today are new home builders and foreclosures/bank owned homes. If your home is in an unfinished neighborhood, where the builders is still actively building and selling, your competiton has more money to offer incentives. Still, there are buyers who can not wait for a new build.

While short sales and bank owned properties do offer a substantial savings, they require the buyer to have either time or money. Short sales can often take 3–4 weeks to receive an answer from the bank. Bank owned homes are always as-is and many require an instant infusion of money.

Remember, competition can be a good thing. When there are three or four homes available in a neighborhood or community, it will generally produce more buyers looking. When you have properly prepared your home for the market and market conditions, buyers will respond.

Help! My Home Didn't Sell - Part 4 - Price

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