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Can You Name this Indianapolis Sculpture


March Photo Contest

Last month's contest was a bit harder than I thought. I guess I get out and look at more homes than most people, so I'll make this month's a bit easier, I hope :)

This month's contest is a two parter = a better chance to win.

First, name the location of this sculpture for a $25.00 gift card to Scotty's Brewhouse. Second part, tell me the name of the sculpture and I'll make it another $25.00.  We could have two winners this month. The first one who tells me where the sculpture is located wins, as well as the first person who tells me the name. If you are lucky enough (or just know your Indy sculptures) to be the first to tell me both  -  you win double and can take your friends to Scotty's with you. No waiting until the end of the month this time; after all, March Madness is just around the corner.

Photo and blog are copyright of Paula Henry and All rights reserved.

Danville Indiana Historic Homes


describe the image

Danville Indiana is the county seat for Hendricks County. Driving through the city you can envision the life of the original owners of the historic homes built here. Just imagine them riding their horse and carriage through streets to gather at the Town Square in the heart of the city.

These are some magnificent homes painstakingly restored to capture the beauty of another era. Some of these beautiful homes in Danville make it on the Historic Tour, while others are just some of my favorites.

Danville Indiana Homes for Sale

View the Slideshow of more Historic Homes in Danville.

Exploring the Parks in Brownsburg


As the winter months creep on, it’s nice to plan ahead for spring activities. For residents in the city of Brownsburg, the community’s parks and recreation department offers a variety of programs through the Brownsburg Community Center and Brownsburg High School Aquatics Center. For those planning ahead, summer camp registration for Tiny Tot Camp and Adventure Camp, begins Tuesday, February15th.

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For now, try bundling up and enjoying the colder weather, as winter hikes and outdoor ventures present intriguing looks into local wildlife. Study animal tracks in the snow, or ponder what animals eat in the winter months. The city offers more than 165 acres of public space and five local parks that are ready to be explored. Explore the trails of Brownsburg with your family this summer with The Family Night Hike Series.


Arbuckle Acres Park offers activities for individuals or families looking for a day outdoors. Picnic shelters, playgrounds, paved walking trails, wooded areas for hiking, basketball and tennis courts provide a variety of opportunities for outdoor activities.

The Maple Ridge Trail is a popular option at Williams Park, which also features an ADA accessible trail, picnic shelters, playground, basketball and sand volleyball courts. Just north of Williams Park lies Veterans Memorial, a beautiful garden dedicated to active and retired members of the U.S. military.  A pathway of brick pavers are inscribed with names of veterans, which encircles a granite monument listing the names and dates of U.S. military actions.

Stephens Park features open green space, picnic shelters, grills, playground and sand volley ball for an impromptu Sunday picnic, and Cardinal-Delaware property features open space for those looking for some quiet and solitude.

Would you like more information about neighborhoods, subdivisions  and living in Brownsburg? Have questions, contact us, we're happy to help!

Brownsburg Indiana Homes for Sale

Brownsburg Parks and Recreation

Eagle Creek Trail Offers Open Space for Outdoor Fun


If you live near Eagle Creek, you already know the beauty of walking the trails throughout the park. Now, westsiders of Marion County have plenty to anticipate with the continued construction of the Eagle Creek Trail. Upon completion, this network of trails will cover more than 16 miles, running from Eagle Creek Park and reservoir to the White River.

As the largest municipal park in Indianapolis, Eagle Creek includes a 1,400-acre reservoir andEagle Creek spans nearly 4,000 acres of land, including a nature preserve. The land was once owned by Josiah Kirby Lilly, Jr., president of Eli Lilly and Company from 1948 to 1953, and later by Purdue University.

The greenway system offers residents of Indianapolis several unique paths to experience the rolling terrain and rugged beauty of the area, along with connections through various urban hotspots. Walkers, runners, cyclists and cross-country skiers will find beauty and serenity year-round on the sprawling grid of paths traversing the greater Indianapolis area.

Two sections of the Eagle Creek Trail have been completed. The trail surface is eight to 12 feet wide and complies with ADA regulations for wheelchair use. Two miles on the south end of the trail, at Raymond Street, will eventually connect with the White River Wapahini Trail. Greenway planners anticipate trail construction will quickly progress toward the south, eventually connecting with the planned B&O trail through Speedway.

The north end of the trail starts at the Pike Youth Soccer Complex at 56th Street and Reed Road. This 1.8-mile section flows toward the Eagle Creek Airport and 46th Street.There are a few neighborhoods and subdivisions along Reed Road, allowing walkable access to the trail.There is also parking at the soccer center if you don't live close enough to walk to the trail.

Subdivisions and Homes near Eagle Creek Trail

These Eagle Creek neighborhoods are located off Reed Road, within walking or biking distance to the north entrance of Eagle Creek Trail.

  The Trees ~ Eagle Creek Woods ~ Coppermill ~ Cobblestone Condos

Search all Eagle Creek Homes for Sale

Central Canal Towpath and Greenway ~ The History and Neighborhoods


Historic towpath turned urban oasis.....

The trails, paths and greenways throughout Indianapolis provide homeowners wonderful park features, close to home. If you're thinking about buying a homes or condo in Indianapolis, you might want to consider how close the nearest trail or greenway is. Runners, joggers, bicyclists and even cross country skiers can be seen enjoying the trails and greenways around Indy.

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Approved for funding in 1836, the Central Canal was originally intended to extend 296 miles, running through Indianapolis from Peru to Worthington. Construction ended with economic crisis in 1839, leaving only eight miles in downtown Indianapolis that was operational.

Towpaths were the roads or trails along the banks of the canal which allowed teams of horses or humans to pull, or tow, vessels along the canal. This rich history was the impetus for the Central Canal Towpath, an urban oasis which begins in Broad Ripple Village and runs south to 30th Street. The towpath is part of the Indiana Greenways Foundation.

Keeping with its historical tradition, the towpath consists of a crushed limestone surface best suited for walkers, runners and cyclists. The Central Canal Towpath spans more than five miles and connects to the Monon Trail and White River Trail.

The canal was designated an American Water Landmark in 1971, and includes two restored 19th-century bridges. One bridge connects to the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Other popular sites along the trail include the campus of Butler University, IMA Nature Trail, Riverside Regional Park, Riverside Golf Academy, Marian College and the Christian Theological Seminary.

In 2002, the towpath section spanning Guilford Avenue to the Monon Trail were part of the Broad Ripple revitalization project, which included new paving, landscaping and gaslights

Neighborhoods Near the Central Canal Towpath

Experience the rich history of the region, along with the beauty of north Indianapolis neighborhoods. Many home owners cherish living near the greenways and trails of Indianapolis. The Central Canal Trail runs near some of the most beautiful neighbohoods in north Indianapolis, including:

                    Wafleigh ~ Meridian Kessler ~ Butler-Tarkington ~ Rocky Ripple

Search homes in north Indianapolis neighborhoods or let us know what you are lookin for in your next home and we'll set up a search for you.

Homes on Wooded Lots Offer Privacy and Beauty


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Homes on wooded lots in Indianapolis are often a favorite feature for homebuyers. Where water flows, trees grow and Central Indiana has plenty of both, creating an urban forest of lush greenery.

Many can't believe the amount of wooded areas and tree lined streets we have in the city of Indianapolis. In the summer, it is often difficult for me take pictures of homes in some neighborhoods, but I can get a good tree lined street shot.

Indianapolis and several of the cities making up the metropolitan area are designated Tree Cities. The program is sponsored by the National Arbor Day Foundation and the National Association of State Foresters. The Tree Cities of Indiana maintain and care for the trees within their community. The towns and cities within the Indianapolis area which are designated Tree Cities include Indianapolis, Avon, Carmel, Beech Grove, Noblesville, Zionsville and Fortville.

describe the image

Living in a city where the trees are maintained and cared for offers many opportunities for finding an Indianapolis or Carmel home on a wooded or tree lined lot. 

While some like the densely forested areas where you can see deer walking through your backyard, others prefer just enough trees in their yard to provide them privacy. Trees provide seclusion, privacy, shade and a beautiful display of foliage, especially in the fall.


Here at, we make it easy to find homes for sale on wooded lots. Almost any area of the city has some neighborhoods with trees. Search the following cities for homes for sale with wooded or tree lined lots. 

If you would like to set up a specific search for homes on wooded lots, you can use our home search and receive updates of new homes as they come on the market. You can also call or email us and we will set up a search for you. Disclaimer: the definition of wooded lot is defined by the person making the entry.

Which Historic Neighborhoods Are These?


February Photo Contest

In December I met with clients to show homes in one of Indianapolis' historic districts. The snowfall that day was amazing; big thick flakes, falling steadily. After showing homes, I decided to take some pictures of the neighborhood along with another historic neighborhood on my way home. 

Guess which historic neighborhoods these homes are in and you can win a $50.00 gift card to Rathskellar, another great historic building in Indianapolis.

Hint: It's two different neighborhoods, both east of Rathskellar. The contest runs until February 28th and all correct answers will be put into a drawing. Enter your guess in the comments section below and good luck!

This months photo contest was more difficult than I expected. Still, one brave person dared to try and guess. The answer is Lockerbie Square and Woodruff Place.

Congratulations Abby for taking the challenge and winning!

Photos are copyright of Paula Henry and All rights reserved.

Avon Subdivisions with Amenities


I received a request from a homebuyer asking for Avon homes in communities with a neighborhood pool. ManySubdivision Amenities homebuyers buy homes in neighborhoods that offer specific amenities geared to their lifestyle. Families with children enjoy having a playground they can walk to. Others may enjoy a walking trail or swimming pool. 

Many subdivisions and neighborhoods in Avon provide amenities for homeowners. The benefits of being able to enjoy an afternoon at the pool within a few minutes walk is a delightful bonus in the heat of summer. A cool walk through the trails during the fall can be a wonderful source of relaxation.

When your thinking about buying a home, considering your lifestyle needs should be on the top of your list. If you want a home in Avon with a swimming pool, but don't want the maintenance, look at the neighborhoods and communities with pools.

Check this  list of neighborhoods in Avon which offer amenities.

For more information about Avon neighborhoods and homes for sale in Avon, just give us a call @317-731-2319 or contact us by email.

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